Victoria Verge is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She received her BFA in Visual Arts (with an equivalent major in Art History) from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2015. She is currently the Education Coordinator of Adult Programming at the Kelowna Art Gallery and an active member within the local arts community. Verge has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally at venues such as, the Kelowna Art Gallery (British Columbia), Tina Dolter Gallery (Newfoundland), Water Street Gallery (Newfoundland), Art Mur Gallery (Quebec), Gatehouse Arts’ Eastgate Gallery (England). 

Verge’s work is grounded in analysing the effects of military service on its soldiers and their families through research and reflection of her own upbringing as a military child. The modern role of the military takes on new meaning in Verge’s work which narrows its focus on to the modern “home-front” and the “sub-culture” that is to be found on Canadian Forces Bases across the country. Her work has been supported by the Newfoundland Arts Council, several awards, scholarships, and private investors.